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YouTube is one of the best social media platforms for anyone who wants to start earning money from their interest. Everyone from everywhere can start earning from YouTube. Despite earning, YouTube is also the best platform to learn and explore. I will tell you how simple it is to make money on YouTube. We can easily make money online with zero investment.

 Steps You Need To Follow:

  • Start your own YouTube channel

The foremost thing is to create your own YouTube channel to post all your videos in order to share the info you have.

  • Find a Niche for your channel 

      The next thing you need to do is to decide on what niche you’re going to make videos. Your niche can be related to anything, right from your hobbies or passion like cooking recipes, vocal and instrumental music, dancing, photography techniques, teaching etc. Teaching Vlogs are most searched across the web.   Always post the content in a unique way showing your interest in a particular niche. Make good quality videos with proper editing.

YouTube Channel Starter Pack After Selecting The Niche:

  1. A camera to record the video or your android phone 
  2. A video editing tool
  3. A microphone for better voice quality
  4. A good backdrop 
  5. Capture card

How To Boost Up Your Content:

The first goal is to build up traffic and engage the audience. You can create videos on the most trending topics to get YouTube views. When some websites mention backlinks to your videos, this acts as a YouTube view generator which increases the number of YouTube video views. Develop the content every time in a unique way, so that it increases YouTube likes and subscribers. You can also buy YouTube likes and buy subscriber too. Try to focus on some specific subscribers and buy targeted YouTube subscribers where you will be influenced by many YouTube likes and subscribe. Use catchy titles and thumbnails and update your content regularly.

  • Set Up An AdSense Account:

You can apply for an AdSense account after your channel reaches minimum targeted views, likes and subscription When your YouTube channel has at least 1000 subscribers and the watch time of your videos is around 4000, your channel will be eligible to link up with AdSense.

  • How Does AdSense Work:

Google AdSense is an advertising platform over websites. It works with EPC ( earning per click ) and CPC(cost per click). The advertiser pays $1 for each click on his ads. 

  1. First, you can select the type of ads which can be displayed on your channel and then you can post the code of that ad on your site.
  2. Second, you can choose where that ad can appear on site.
  3. Next, complete your payment details.
  4. Finally, get paid every month.

AdSense gives you credits for each video. Once your earning reaches $100, then Google transfers the payment to your bank account. The rules of AdSense should never be violated for any reason. If it happens, your permission for AdSense will be canceled.

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