Terms Of Service From FollowerHike.

This document contains all the information about any purchase being made from the website FollowerHike.com. You have to comprehend all the rules and regulations before ordering. We may change the agreement from time to time. So, we request our users to check it after intervals. The current version of TOS is currently listed below:

  • Usage of Website

We have the copyright of each and every part of the website. You cannot copy, alter, distribute, and transmit anything from the website until and unless without the prior permission of FollowerHike.com.

  • Personal Information

We respect the privacy of our users. All the testimonials on the website have been published by taking the permission of verified purchasers. We track the browser and IP of our users solely to make the modification in the website and to serve our users better.

  • About Third-Party Involvement

There is no third party involvement. We are not affiliated with any social media website like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, and Tumblr.

  • Secure Transactions

We only use secure transactions, our website is secured with an SSL certificate. We do not and cannot store any personal account details of our customers. Meanwhile, we do not accept offline payment via check or direct bank transfer. All the transactions are done through the website and are 100% safe and secure.

  • Refund Policy

After placing an order client will not ask for a fraudulent dispute or charge-back. Refund is only provided in some specific cases. Please read our “Refund Policy” for details.

  • Delivery Time

Every service is different. Start time depends on the server load and the nature of the service you are purchasing. So we can’t guarantee an instant start for any service.

  • Currency

We will charge the money in USD(United States dollars) irrespective of your location. If you do not know about the rates we advise you to take help on Currency.

  • Service Guarantee

we use our popular forum, hashtags, keywords, filters, Search Engine Optimization, and PPC to reach real and authentic people. We have a team of 25+ employees that promotes your account, images, posts, videos, articles on social media accounts and use only marketing techniques to produce a genuine outcome.

  • Techniques & Methods

We will not disclose all our techniques but we do not breach any terms of service of social media websites. Our experts are well aware of the policies of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, Spotify, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

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